Cleanser Selection




Skin Type


Triple Tea Cranberry Cleansing Gel 


Normal Skin

This pH balanced, aromatic gel refreshes as it cleans, leaves skin feeling firmer and looking brighter. High levels of antioxidants help defend skin against environmental damage. 

Oily Skin

Green Tea Citrus Cleanser 


This gentle, effective foaming cleanser, cleans and purfies while retaining the skin's natural moisture balance. Purifying Grapefruit and Apple Cider Vinegar establish an antiseptic base for ultra calming agents of Plantain, Echinacea and Burdock Root.

Mandarin Acai Cleansing Creme  


Dry Skin

This highly potent Vitamin C and Beta Hydroxy based cleanser gently sweeps away dead skin cells. An ultra creamy formulation containing bioactive antioxidant Vitamin C derived from Acai, Rasberry and Cranberry which protect the skins natural moisture mantle against sun and enviormental damage. Infused with Sweet Orange, Lemon Juice Extract and Wild Yam.

Glycolic Cleanser 15%


Normal Skin 

This light creamy cleanser gently exfoliates surface cells, helping keep pores clear and skin smooth and soft.

Intensive Sea



Normal Skin 

This intensive, algae-based treatment deep cleans and detoxifies congested skin, removing excess oil and impurities as itrefinesans smoothes skin's surface. Leaves skin cool clean and refreshed!

Grapefruit Foaming Facial Wash


Oily/Combonation Skin 

Emulsifying Cleanser


Normal/Dry Skin